Gold Is The Color Of Paris In September

"Les Femmes de Paris" , painting by Meg Mitchell.

When I think of the color of September, the color GOLD comes to mind. The leaves, the sun, our fall clothing take on a golden hue. All the foods like squash, Indian corns and the fresh baked pies warm up our tables and homes. I love Fall. It's my favorite time of the year. And it's my favorite time of the year to be in Paris ...
simply because the warmth of the golds are even more gold.

Wouldn't your home be more beautiful with a gold door like this one
I found along a Parisian side street?
Pierre Herme is the golden boy of the exquisite French chocolates. On the weekends, there is always a line up of Parisians waiting to get their special chocolate treat.
His chocolates are like little pieces of art that you can eat.
Les Invalides with it's gorgeous gold dome is the landmark that brings me back to the area where I stay in Paris ... the seventh arrondissement. I have Les Invalides at one end and the Eiffel Tower at the other. Gold means "home" to me in Paris.
This is the little gold patissier in my neighborhood. The red and gold of this wonderful petite shop are so welcoming but not nearly as enticing as the delicious aromas
that escape into the streets pulling us all inside.
While walking through the sixth arrondissement, I came across this beautiful stain glass door. Behind the door was a rather ordinary clothing shop but I bet this door with it's colorful design would be a great draw for customers. I went in.

Photo by David Thomas

And Paris along the Seine is even a beautiful gold at night. This is one city that has been given the Midas touch.

And when I was looking through my pictures to put this post together, I decided to see what another season in Paris would look like. So, I booked two weeks in Paris for the first part of December so that I could experience this lovely city in winter and right before Christmas with all it's colorful trimmings.
Fall is still my favorite but I must give Winter a chance in the running.
Yippee .... I can't wait.

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