Last week, I made my way into Toronto to search for movie stars that were in town for the Toronto International Film Festival. All the television news shows were featuring movie star sightings everywhere in the city. My mission, was to bring actual pictures of George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, James Franco, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck,
and the list goes on and on, back to you, my readers.
Easy peasy, I thought. What great pictures for my blog, I thought.

I hung around some of the high end hotels like The Four Seasons, and the Intercontinental where I understood "the stars" were staying. Did I see anyone? Nope, no, nary a starlet came into view. I don't have a lot of patience and I was starting to feel like a stalker ....
I guess I will never make it into the ranks of a paparazzi.
So, I decided to look into the windows of the high end stores and see how the major retailers were enticing "the stars" to part with their most recent box office take. In Holt Renfrew, Toronto's most exclusive retailer, the windows were dressed in designer wares.

Here's the Mona Lisa holding this year's "gotta have" Gucci camel hand bag.
And what Parisian woman dressed in a Yves Saint Laurent camel dress wouldn't love to walk her colorful French poodles down Bloor Street in Toronto?
Queen Elizabeth was having a spot of tea and a scone in another Holt Renfrew window. On her arm, is the newest Burberry hand bag. She too, is dressed in
this season's "must have" color ... camel.

I gave away all my camel colored clothes a couple of years ago ...
I think it's a difficult color to wear. Do you like camel?
Chanel didn't have much in their windows. Maybe they had sold out. The color of their clothes wasn't camel though. Black and white with big silver bows was the order of the day at Chanel.
And I would dare any of you to walk down any street with that big bow!
And last but not least, was the usual window of Louis Vuitton. Whether it is in Paris or Toronto, their window designers always seem to give their sets a splash of gold. The mannequin was wearing a rather cute cable knit sweater dress of camel and gray.
Very wearable I thought. Affordable?

So sorry I wasn't able to land a few pictures of Hollywood's elite for you but I did run into four great old friends
and that made my day a block buster.

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