I am totally burned out from the past year and it is finally hitting me, how much I need this break and having a chance to recharge my creative juices. I haven't been in my studio for the past two weeks which is really a very long time for me. It's my refuge but I'm empty right now. Must go find some inspiration along with some good food for nourishment.

One of my favorite things to do in Paris or anywhere is just to walk and discover a city. And window shopping is one of those activities I can do for hours. The vignettes, the colors, the textures .... can be absolutely heavenly. The store in the picture above in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and it is a unique little vintage shop with some lovely merchandise. Every time I've walked by the store, it has been closed but that won't happen this time. My rental apartment is very near by. I'll be stalking this little gem.
Wouldn't you love to have this little set in your boudoir? Everything is so feminine and beautiful. It's no wonder to me that French women take such good care of themselves. They pamper and surround themselves with such lovely things. It doesn't have to be "everything" in this picture but just something gorgeous and exquisite that you see each day upon rising.
I just loved the painted glass and all the colors of this window. Pink is such a huge part of the Parisian woman's special treasures. It is such a soft color that can make you feel so feminine and yet it can be "hot" and make you feel like Barbie.
And of course, all the designers' windows are absolute decadence. You have to be rather stealthy in taking pictures of designers' windows. They think you are stealing ideas, I guess. I have found the best times to get these snaps are early in the morning before they arrive at their store or late Sunday afternoon.

I'd better pack some very comfortable shoes for all the inspiration I'll be seeking.

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