The time is spinning by so quickly and I leave in one week for my yearly journey to my little Mecca ... Paris. I have been reading about some new and wonderful things to do in that fair city. This is the Galleries Lafayette store that was designed by the famous Haussmann who also redesigned the city with all it's lovely boulevards and buildings. I have visited this gorgeous store every time that I have been to Paris but I recently discovered some wonderful things that this store offers that I wasn't aware of.

The merchants from heaven at the Galleries Lafayette have put the absolutely most wonderful shop in their basement level. They have redesigned 32,000 square feet of their valuable space for .... are you ready??? .... SHOES. I can't even imagine that many shoes. They also have a shoe repair area as well as private "changing rooms" for those who may be a tad shy to show their tootsies. It might be fun to try on shoes in private. You could try on some of those absolutely wonderful shoes that you see the girls wear in "Sex in the City" shows and just pretend for just une petite moment.
As you walk into the store on the main floor, your eye is drawn up and this is what you see. The gold ornate design with the colors of the stain glass are absolutely breathtaking. It is difficult to walk through the cosmetics department because everyone of the customers are madly taking pictures of this gorgeous sight. The scent of French perfume is all around and it's a buffet for all the senses. Each floor is like a balcony overlooking the main floor. I have been there when they have constructed catwalks high in the middle for a fashion show. That's incredible to see.
Starting in mid September, the Galleries Lafayette have mini fashion shows on the 7th floor. You must have a reservation to attend. Every Friday for 30 minutes, six models show their guests the latest in French fashion. I wrote for my ticket and I'm waiting to hear whether I will be one of the lucky ones to attend. I've always wanted to go to a Fashion Show and although, this is not a Galliano, Chanel or a Westwood production, it's my first rung on the ladder.
This is one of my little lavender sachets featuring shoes. I will be doing my research at the
shoe floor in Galleries Lafayette and be coming back with some new and wonderful designs.

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