Ma Petite Maison Sur La Rue Dragon

I hope my French is correct in the title of this blog.  Yes, this is my little apartment in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.  It is probably one of my top two favorite apartments that I have stayed in while here.  It is 4 floors up but has a small elevator which is a real bonus and it overlooks the roofs of all the buildings near by.  From my kitchen window, I can see the spires of the St. Germain and St. Sulpice. 

This is my little table where I eat and paint and just enjoy overlooking the street and watching all the activity below.  Tonight, a singer from one of the little bars serenaded me while I ate my dinner.  It was American jazz.
The apartment is white and light because it is blessed with so many windows.  The sun just warms up the living room each morning as you can see.  The little chair pulls up to a small computer table where I can download my photos and write my blog.  I feel so at home.
This little gem has two floors and the owner has done a wonderful renovation.  You must, however, duck your head a bit when going up the stairs as there is a beam to the side of the steps.  After the first day, it just becomes automatic to just move your head a little to the left. 
The back wall of the living area is filled with art as is most of the apartment.  A number of the other apartments I have stayed in had little or nothing on the walls and it felt like a hotel room.  Ugh.
This is my little kitchen.  I was just making le petit dejeuner.  Can you see the spire of the St. Germain church?  On Sundays, the bells ring and they have a beautiful sound.

In Paris, most everyone shops every day.  The refrigerators are under the counter and don't hold a great deal but your food is fresher and you do eat what is in season.  My larger grocery store is just around the corner and is one of my all time favorite stores in Paris ... Monoprix. Not only does it have a wide food selection but some of their fashions are quite fun and at a great price.  I heard one American say as she passed, "This reminds me of Target."  Oh no, no, no.  Target doesn't have a gourmet food area or a wine shop or the most beautiful vegetables around.  I like Target but Target is not Monoprix.
This view is from the top floor which is where my bedroom, bath and kitchen are.  It's such great fun to get up and go to the window and watch Paris awaken.  You see your neighbors doing the same thing each morning.  I guess everyone is trying to decide whether to wear a sweater or not but they always wear their scarves.
Alright, I could have made my bed a little neater.  But I was rushing around trying to take pictures and get outside so that I could get some great shots of the store windows before the shop keepers showed up.  Sundays are my favorite day in Paris because it's a bit quieter until about 11:00 and then all the families go to brunch and then a day at the park.  I'll show you that next Sunday.  
I can only assume that the owner is an artist but most definitely a collector of art.  There is an art school around the corner and I would bet that much of this art may have come from some of the students there.  The books in the shelves are beautiful old French paperbacks and old designer magazines.  It's interesting living in someone else's space and trying to piece together what this owner might be like.  I think I would like whoever it might be.

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