I can't leave well enough alone so I decided to try and make the eyeglass cases with a buttoned flap. I'm no seamstress and I did get a "D" in home economics in the seventh grade and all I had to make then, was a set of place mats for a Christmas present for my Mother. And, I don't ever remember my Mother using them. Hmmmmm

I also decided to put the ladies from the Muses of Amour series on these new eyeglass cases. They were my first series and they highlighted the lives of the famous women romance authors. You know the ladies ... the ones who write those paperback books that you are embarrassed to be caught seen reading?

This is Clare. She rather reminded me of a Danielle Steele type of lady. Sweet on the outside but steamy and frothy on the inside. Like a good hot cappacino.
And of course, her women always seem to end up with the mysterious man who looks like he just stepped out of a Field and Stream magazine but is really the owner of the largest forestry company in North America and she is whisked away and lives happily ever after.
This is Zelda. Love that name. I do wish my Mom had called me Zelda. You don't have preconceived notions of a Zelda. Or do you?

Now Zelda reminded me more of a Judith Krantz kind of author. Her heroines seem to be a tad more regal. Of course, they always lose their fortunes by hooking up with the wrong man but they fight back with ingenuity and perseverance and then their companies are more successful and larger than ever and that so-called relationship becomes a blessing in disguise. Oh my.....
And then of course, the heroine realizes that a man cannot make the woman .... she is the "Capitanetta" of her own ship. And as she sails off into the distance, she meets face to face with her gardener who is the only man who truly understands her. Don't we just love our summer reads????

And I hope you all like the new eyeglass cases as well.

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