Each day during August, one item in my Etsy shop will be featured with a special sale price. The Coco Chanel tote will be my first item for Tuesday, August 6.

This Coco Chanel tote has a picture of Coco on a pocket in the front of the tote. At the top of the Coco tote is a fake fur zebra trim. The quote right under the pocket says "Fashion passes ... Style remains." This is a famous Coco Chanel quote. What a great bag to carry to the new Coco Chanel movie featuring Audrey Tautou. This black canvas tote will be great for Fall to carry your books or shopping bags.

So, check each day to see which item in the shop will be the next featured special sale product. Will it be a pillow or a tote, or an eyeglass case or a sachet?

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