It has been a busy week for me and believe me, I am not complaining. I was working on a large order from Australia busily making more eyeglass cases. After I finished the order and sent it on it's way to the land Down Under, I had to start the next batch of eyeglass cases for my Etsy shop. Without the pressure of an order, I decided to give Estelle, my grande dame, a little summer dress. I had tried this on a tote earlier and really liked it. Hard to wear a big fur in 85 degree weather.
Here's Estelle in a pretty blue and white polka dot summer dress and a lovely green hat to keep the sun off her non Botoxed face. What is fun about hand painting each image each time is how their looks change on each attempt. That's the real pleasure of a one-of-a kind product.
I love her jaw line in this picture from the back of the eyeglass case. To see the new eyeglass cases I added yesterday, please visit my Etsy shop at

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