I am quite often asked to do a custom pillow for someone and this pillow was created from a request of an Etsy customer who happens to also be an Etsy seller. Linda of Just Accessories wanted a fun Priscilla Mae pillow to complete a corner in her funky living room. She had seen the Veronica painting I had done and wanted that made into an 8" X 8" hand painted pillow.

I had never thought of doing that and the painting translated so nicely into a pillow. I always appreciate customers' suggestions and I liked Linda's so much, that I made another to have in my Etsy shop.
It always fascinates me how the "girls" change from painting to painting and pillow to pillow. That's the fun of hand painted I suppose. I may even try this same Veronica on a tote with an animal fur trim for Fall/Winter. Totes are great for carrying around your Prada shoes so they don't get messy in the slush and Veronica looks like she would be just the gal to own a pair of Pradas, don't you think?

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