This is Rose on my second painted canvas. Rose was one of my first women I ever painted and she was in the series, The Muses of Amour. The Muses were a group of four women authors who wrote those romance novels that we all sneak into our totes when we hit the beach or hammock at the cottage. It's amazing how many millions of these romance novels are sold but you never see anyone carrying one around. Hmmmmmmm. A dirty little secret perhaps.

The original Rose had blond hair and was a little sweeter looking at first glance but the eyes always gave her away. The quote on the first Rose pillows said .... "WOMEN LIKE SILENT MEN .... THEY THINK THEY ARE LISTENING." I love that quote.

The quote on the painting, "DON'T START WITH ME ... YOU WILL NOT WIN." has turned into being one of the most popular quotes this year. I wonder why? Are we a little more testy with the state of the economy or are we less likely to roll with the punches like we may have done in the past? The thing about getting older is that we don't have the patience we once had. I say that quote is just fair warning to anyone who may be thinking of pushing a few buttons or two. What do you think?

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