I have another Etsy shop that has emerged because of my Priscilla Mae shop.  As you know, I love to find wonderful earrings for the women I paint on pillows and totes.  But once in a while, I find some really funky earrings that I think real women would love to wear.  So, I opened Affordable Splendor to sell these great earrings to some REAL women.  These are a few of my favorite thus far and it's great fun finding photographs to enhance them.
I just listed these in my Affordable Splendor shop.
They have a burnished copper inlet with a little green paint for patina.  I love the matte black finish to these dangling earrings.  An art deco look, n'est-ce pas?
These were the first earrings I sold and they went to a Vintage retail shop.  I love these ear jewelry and found it hard to part with them.  They are so fresh and funky.
These silver woven clip-ons have such a nice patina and texture.  They look so great with the Modigliani painting behind it.  When I'm in Paris, I revisit all of Modigliani's art in all the museums.  His women are so beautiful and vibrant in person.  For fun last year when I was in Paris, I went back to my apartment and painted a few of my women in the Modigliani style. It was interesting seeing how a longer neck changes the entire look of the woman and her style.
These dangle earrings for pierced ears have lots of texture and an interesting design.  I think they would look great with the new Fall fashions.  They are light which is really important when you are wearing pierced earrings.  You don't want them hanging down to your knees.
Aren't these wonderful?  So art deco....  These have been sold but I still keep the picture to remember them by.  I loved all the different textures and materials.  I bet the lady who bought them is getting lots of interesting attention.  I hope so.

Check out Affordable Splendor.  I will be adding more earrings and jewelry.

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