Paris Bound

I have finally booked my trip to Paris.  On September 23rd, I will be back in the city that I truly love.  I usually spend May in Paris to celebrate my birthday but this year, I decided to see what Paris is like in the Fall.  I have been working so hard this year painting pillows, totes and eyeglass cases so that I will have money for my annual Paris trip.  I love to paint but it is twice as sweet when all my time and efforts are rewarded by absolutely spoiling myself in this fair city.  
One of my favorite, absolute favorite, thing to do is to sit in the Paris cafes and watch the rest of the world go by.  My favorite place for my breakfast cafe au lait and croissant is a lovely cafe close to the Pont De l'Alma.  It was so neat when the waiters would see me coming and would wave and have my order ready for me when I finally sat down.  Sitting at an outside cafe watching Paris wake up and go to work, was a delightful pastime.  On Wednesdays and Saturdays, I would then walk a block to the open air market on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt.  

It's all my cafe sitting expeditions where I am inspired by the French women that eventually make their way onto my Priscilla Mae products.  Every area in Paris has a different style of woman.  In Montmartre and Montparnasse, I see the young women in all the funky Parisian fashions sitting at cafes and on motorbikes.  They are very quirky but put together so well.
On St.-Germain-des-Pres and on the streets leading to the Champs-Elysees, the beautiful older Parisian women are so beautifully turned out in their elegant suits and dresses.  
I will not be staying in the 7th this year.  For the first time, my apartment is in the 6th arrondissement.  This is the living room of my apartment for two on Rue Dragon.  It's an area that I know quite well and will feel very comfortable in my new adventure.  I will be going to Paris on my own this year and will just do whatever I want.  Last year, I had a blast with friends who came with me but this year, I will just please myself.  I will walk, gawk, talk and eat.  
My cute little bedroom is on the second floor with my bath and kitchen.  I am in the rooftop apartment and will overlook all the roofs and the spires of St. Sulpice.   Apparently, there is a little cafe close by where Catherine Deneuve has her morning espresso.  This is Colette.  She was inspired from an earlier trip to Paris.  She is probably like the young girls I saw in Montmartre.  Okay ... I took a little poetic license and put a beret on her.  
And this is Simone.  She was inspired by a photograph I saw many years ago of 3 French women having tea together and all the women had wonderful hats and suits. 

I truly can not wait until September 23rd.   

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