For the past couple of weeks, I have been back in the home redecorating mode.  This usually hits in a big way in the Fall but we have had cool weather in the northeast this summer (thank goodness) and I think my decorating body clock is way out of whack.  I have been in a huge downsizing kick and have been getting rid of lots of clothes and some furniture.  

My biggest dream for my home is to paint the floors white.  I love white floors and rooms like the one above.  I am promising myself that in the next couple of months that will be done.  I have dreamed long enough about this and it's time that it happened.  I love to see the textures in the floor boards and the general lightness of the space.  It's the upheaval in one's life when floors are redone but in the end, it will be so worth it.

These first three pictures I downloaded are from Feedblitz.  Great blog.
I have collected tons of silver because I love how it looks in a white room.  And I love when silver tarnishes because it makes it so much more interesting.  I have found lots of fun silver at the Goodwill's of the world and some of it is a little banged up which adds to the patina of the object.  Coffee pots and pitchers are great for fresh flowers as are little silver creamers. I especially like the trays on the wall in the picture above.  My favorite patina of silver is the brown hue.  I'm crazy about rust as well.  I'm not a big "new" fan.
I also love to dress up chairs and windows.  One of my "chores" this week will be to add something pretty to my dining room chairs.  They need a new way of looking.  I already have the slipcovers.... I'll just add a little something to them.  I like old rhinestone brooches in unexpected places or a silk flower or two.  I also like tulle as curtains.  I know that sounds crazy but I love to experiment with different fabrics to decorate windows and chairs.  Chairs are like women to me.  All different shapes and sizes.
I found this old armoire several years ago and it is a lovely size but it was dark wood and I wasn't crazy about it.  It was used to store things and I put it out of my thoughts.  I decided to paint it this week and decoupage pages from a very old dictionary inside for the fun of it. It's a cream color now and I may add some other details to it but I want to live with it and see what inspires me.  
I put some of my items back into it and I want to play with some of the displays. It might be fun to put my collection of old silver on one of the shelves or all my Eiffel Towers.  Who knows?  It's a work in progress.  

In front of the armoire is an old judie on which I decoupaged pieces of old pastel fabric.  I use the judie as a display for all my old brooches and jewelry.  I love collecting old jewelry. I love it on pillows but not on me  At Christmas, I decorate my tree with strands of pearls and rhinestone pins instead of the usual decorations.  The glow and sparkle is so much prettier to me.  

Change is good.  I feel so much better when I've made a little change to a space in my home. My home is a reflection of my life at the present.  As I go through different stages and changes in my own life, so does my living space.  I know instinctively when I am about to make some major changes in myself or my life when my home becomes the canvas.

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