Sibella Court ... International Stylist

 Who would have thought that a trip to IKEA yesterday
would introduce me to Sibella Court, an inspirational
stylist, author and world traveler.  I have owned the NOMAD
for a number of years but it is only recently as I have been thinking
about my changing home decor style that I started to pay closer
attention to her book.

But back to IKEA.... there in the rug department were collections of 
sumptuous hand woven rugs from Turkey in the most glorious
rich colors.  My heart soared when I saw all the different patterns
in both the rugs and the woven pillow covers.  Lately, I have been
consumed with Bohemian design on Pinterest and I am trying
to incorporate my own Bohemian loves into my own home. 
The new rug just pops on my white floors... it is like
art on the floor.  I want to put more layers of color
and texture into my home this Fall and Winter.
It is fun to try something new.

This afternoon, I treated myself to another of Sibella's
books... GYPSY.  Very similar to NOMAD but
covers different exotic countries.

Here is Sibella's website.

 Ms Court guides you on how to travel and "see" more when
you visit a new country.  Each country has it's own personality
that can be described through their textures, smells, foods,
arts, crafts, architecture just to name a few elements.
 What was most interesting in these two books
is how Sibella assigns a ten color palette to each city
or region that she visits.  This is her palette of India.
It represents old paper posters, faded paintwork on
buildings and furniture, textiles and celebrations of
a local wedding.
 The patina of both the spoons and the rustic
table of a home in Turkey.
 The colors of an old settee in Transylvania, the
patterns of the pillow and comforter along with the
delicate texture of the lace curtain 
make a beautiful setting.

 This cozy bedroom with all the warm
colors just screams Scotland. 


As I continue to learn to paint canvases of
my trips, I see how each area does have a color palette
and atmosphere filled with textures, smells, colors, patterns....

I recently painted a scene from one of my favorite cities in
France... Uzés in Provence.  This is a Fall scene from a photo I took one
Saturday in Uzés.  Uzés is total magic that I have
returned to this beautiful walled city three times.

Provence is known for their beautiful fabrics of warm colors
that reflect the countryside.  In the market, the smells of lavender
in all the soaps and satchets fill the air.  The glorious hues of
the spices and beans and foods in bright colored baskets with
the patterned material tells you that you are in Provence.
The dragonfly, the sunflower and bee are symbols seen
on their fabrics, dishware and crafts.

Sibella Court has made me see cultures more clearly.
She has truly opened by eyes and will have a impact
on my painting and photography.
Reading her books is like going on the trip with her....
the best armchair travel itinerary for a hot summer day.

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