Colorful Market in Uzés, France

 Every Saturday morning in the beautiful walled city of Uzes in Provence,
residents and visitors alike grab their market baskets and head off to
the center of town.  Not only do the sounds and smells greet you
as you depart your car but the colors .... oh the colors ....
take your breath away.
 But, before you start walking throughout the entire market town,
you need to begin your day with a typical 
French petit dejeuner.  
A rich cup of cafe creme, fresh croissants
and tartines with homemade jam and the most
delicious butter this side of heaven ending with
a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.
 Lots and lots of olives of every color 
sitting in beautiful Provence pottery bowls.
 Sacks of herbs you never even heard of
but oh my, the scents are intoxicating.
 Beans, legumes, dried fruit ....
 and lots of fresh garlic.
It's no wonder I love France so much.
 The streets and village square are lined with 
tables and tables of the most
beautiful fresh food you could ever imagine.
 I loved the colorful umbrellas and beautiful Provence
tablecloths.  The beautiful salads look so
lovely on this mustard yellow tablecloth.
And a stop at this merchant is a must .....
a plate of just made paella
or freshly roasted chicken.

I am hungry now.
Wish I was back in Uzes.

Last Sunday, as I was going through my old photos,
I found a scene I had captured on my camera and
decided to put it on canvas.

It was like going back to Uzés again
and loving all the beautiful colors of that region.   

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