On The Terrace

What a summer we have had.....
mostly sunny and very warm...
actually, almost too warm for my taste.

The one place I head to in the early morning
and early evening is my terrace.
It's a typical city-sized retreat and just enough
gardening without feeling overwhelmed.

I re-stained my fence a deep matte black
which I always think makes the green of the plants
just pop.  And just to make it a little happier,
I added deep red cushions and a big red
umbrella to the rear of the terrace as a
hit of color next to the fence and the lovely
church next door.
This year I added a large Budda concrete
head for a little visual interest and add
a sense of peace to the garden.
The one downsize to my terrace is the
large mulberry tree over the back part.
During the month of July, that area is
bombarded with plenty of mulberries and it can
be quite messy.  The good part about it...
lots of birds and squirrels have a feast.

I don't use the back during that month but now
all is calm and I can go back to enjoying dinners
at my grandmother's wrought iron table and chairs.

This little sitting area is
great for overflow guests.
The sofa allows me to stretch out on
those warm summer Sunday afternoons and
catch a quick siesta.
This is a view from my kitchen out to the
terrace.  During the winter, it is nice to
sit at the dining table and enjoy the outside
garden with little white lights.


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