Winding Paths Through The University Of Toronto

 Yesterday was an absolutely glorious Fall day in Toronto.
I just wanted to be outside walking where ever my feet would take me.
Luckily, I live less than 10 minutes from the University of Toronto
but I sometimes just forget that it is there.

It's a University in the heart of Toronto and most of us only see
it from the streetscape as we make our way around the city.
Yesterday, I followed the winding paths through the buildings.

This is the Philosopher's Walk that winds past the Royal Ontario Museum,
the Royal Conservatory of Music, the old Planetarium and Trinity College.
When my son was young, we would pack a lunch and sit on a bench
listening to the music majors practice piano.
 This was a new pathway for me....
not a soul in sight.... an escape from the city bustle.
 University of Toronto is made up of several colleges.
This is one of the dorms of University College.
No one around here either ....
guess they are all studying??
 A quick game of soccer for a group of university boys...
This is the Quad of Trinity College where my son attended.
Their sister college is Oxford in England and Trinity has the feel of an
old English university.  At dinner, the students have to dress in 
black robes.  When you see them walking to dinner, it is
like you are watching a movie.

The Quad is usually filled with kids
taking a break from studying but no one was around yesterday.

University of Toronto has some gorgeous places
to explore but you just have to follow the paths into 
the inner sanctum.

Priscilla Mae et al

Meet Sarah.
She's a new fashion maven in the shop.
Sarah is wearing a black beret with rhinestones
and a painted veil.
The quote on the back of the pillow says....
"Beauty begins the moment you 
decide to be yourself."

See Sarah here.

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