Pretty Homes Of Niagara On The Lake

 A couple of weeks ago, I made a weekend trip
back to Niagara-On-The-Lake for the first time in over
three years.  I lived in this beautiful little town in Niagara
for 20 years before picking up my roots and moving back
to Toronto.  As pretty as this little town is, I was
dearly missing my city life in Toronto.
 I was first attracted to NOTL because of all the 
pretty large and small homes, many of which
are lovely little cottages.

 The one beautiful aspect of Niagara On The Lake
are the beautiful gardens surrounding the homes.
The annual Garden Tour is one of the best attended
events in Niagara.
 This darling little cottage went through a major
renovation several years ago.  The new buyer brought
the home back to it's original charm and added a cupola
and ginger bread trim to the roof line....and nothing
says welcome like a pretty yellow door.

 This is one of the oldest and original Niagara home
that is surrounded by a lovely property and out buildings.
It has also been renovated and brought back to
it's original beauty.
 And this was my home.
It is an 1815 home that was owned by John Secord,
the brother of the famous Laura Secord.  It broke my
heart to sell this lovely property but the new owners
loved it as much as I did.  They have added on a
large garage and connected the original home to the
old barn that I had moved to the back of the property.

It was a lovely visit to the place where I raised my son
and spent many wonderful years enjoying this
lovely town in Niagara.

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