Street Art Of Quebec City

 There is something special about the French culture that
celebrates art in all areas of their life.  Whether in France or
even Quebec City in Canada, art is incorporated into all aspects
of living .... even along the streets.

This was my favorite sculpture along a city street in a
residential area of Quebec City.  These femmes look like they
are enjoying their book and their previous French lunch.
 The beautiful metal chairs are in a park just across
from the train station.  They are haphazardly placed around the 
park so that you can sit in a group or on your own for a little "me" time.
The chairs are fixed to the ground but their placement is so lovely
to see in this intimate park.
 The chairs are sponsored by a local citizen in honor of a loved one who
has passed on.  Beautiful quotes along with the loved one's name
are found on the seats of each chair.
What a wonderful way to be remembered....
 In the old town of Quebec City, fun art installations
can be found on many of the beautiful old buildings.
These street guards in their yellow and black glory are
haphazardly placed on the outside of the Museum of
Civilization and wrapped around the corner of the building.
 And talk about city pigeons.......
There's a big problem with these grandiose city birds on the
corner of a street filled with restaurants.  Guess they are
waiting for someone to open the Campbell's soup.
 Our hotel had cascades of white plastic flowers and leaves in front.
The building was a bank before it was renovated into a lovely
boutique hotel.  Hotel 71.  Beautiful rooms, friendliest staff and
delicious food, especially the very nice breakfast served each morning
made Hotel 71 a wonderful place to stay.
 Wooden flowers
sprinted up in front of the hotel windows.
 Fun geometric structures were set up along the
old paved streets that you had to walk through to get to a
new area to explore.

If you live in North America and a you need a quick fix of
French culture, grab a plane to Quebec City.  The Canadian
dollar is below par these days which makes this escape
a very reasonable but enjoyable holiday.  

It's like having a little bit of France in our own
back yard.

A bientot.

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