Happy New Year Thoughts

 Another chance to start afresh.
A clean slate.
A chance to dream again.
I love this quote and I
wish that all of you will have
the chance to surprise yourself this year as well.
 On New Year's Eve, I sit down with my journal
and review my past year.  Sometimes you don't realize
how much you have changed or how much you have 
accomplished in one year.  To me, a journal allows you 
to put your life down on paper and then review when 
you feel you might be losing your way or when you 
need to see the patterns in your life.

I am always thankful I have taken the
time to chronicle my days and thoughts.

 You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

How true this is.
Keeping your eyes ahead will keep you on your path.
Even those wrong turns might be necessary
for you to find your life journey.

My sister gave me a thought that I always remember when
times are feeling a little difficult.
"This too shall pass."

Have a wonderful new year everyone and
thanks to all my readers for being there this year.

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