Christmas In Paris.. A Bucket List Dream

 For the last 15 years, I have dreamed of spending
Christmas in Paris.  I did spend the first week of December
there three years ago, but I want to experience Paris at Christmas.

The decorations at Galleries Lafayette are always spectacular.
The windows of both Galleries Lafayette and Le Printemps
make the Christmas holidays come alive.  The Galleries Lafayette
windows are usually designed by a famous French fashion designer.
Only in Paris.
 Cartier always seems to put a big ribbon on their buildings.
This one in Paris is lovely with all the trees but their building
in New York City is equally wonderful.
 What I remember from my trip to Paris in December
was that all the little streets are decorated in accordance
with the district. 
 What a pretty photograph of the carousel in front of the
Eiffel Tower.  It would be the perfect time to take a
spin on the Paris merry-go-round.
 The Champs-Elysées decorated to the hilt
leading up to the Arc de Triomphe.  I have see this scene.
It is truly beautiful.
That other bucket list item ....
seeing Paris in the snow.
 Christmas along the Champs-Elysées is beautiful.
Walk from the large ferris wheel near the Place de la
Concorde right up to the Arc de Triomphe is
breathtaking.  Lots of little shops and food stops
along the way where you can enjoy the season
with all the Parisians.

To see my post about my trip to
Paris in December three years ago,
go here.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

I am back to making eyeglass cases.
I almost forgot how to put them together.
Love the painting aspect of making these fun cases
but hate the sewing part.

Decided to add pretty vintage colorful buttons
to each case with a ribbon to close them.
The cases have been a popular addition to my
shop and now, they are back.
See the Sultry Siren here.

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