Food Shopping Along Rue Cler In Paris

As you all know, when I go to Paris once or twice a year,
I usually stay in the 7th arrondissement.  I love this area of Paris
because of all the wonderful food shops and marchés near that allow me
to cook fun meals in my rented apartment.  And my favorite street 
as an open food market in Paris is Rue Cler.

Specialty food and wine stores line the street for two blocks
and if you can't find something in one of the little shops,
there is a large supermarket at the bottom of the street.

And if you can't find any inspiration from all these food markets,
there are plenty of wonderful small bistros near by.  
There is no reason to go hungry in the 7th....
or anywhere in Paris.
 The fromagerie is my favorite place to buy my French cheeses. 
 A wonderful selection of cheese
from all over France tempts you at each turn
 and the prices are reasonable as well.
 If you make a trip down to Rue Cler, you must stop at the 
beautiful Davoli,  an incredible emporium of Italian delight.
The way Davoli display their foods and meats has you
staring in their window in pure awe.
It is an art..
 The cured hams hang from the ceiling and under them
are the platters of prepared foods that might 
include the cured ham or be a wonderful side. 
 And delicious salads to go along the Italian hams and meats.

 Of course, to start off the meal,
how about stopping at a specialty store that sells only fois gras.
Don't you love France?
 A trip to the charcutier is always a must for most Parisians
and is the highlight stop for this little Parisian pup who is not
happy about staying outside his favorite store.  I watched this lady
try to hook her little dog to this bar but she had quite a time of it.
Just when she thought she had her dog hooked,
the little guy would break away.  He wanted to be inside this shop.
 And then for dessert, a Parisian shopper has to
stop at the local patisserie for a little sweet.
Outside this shop, they have created an eclair and
a sweet torte as lovely little benches for you to sit
as you enjoy one of their wares.

 And a beautiful table just requires some lovely flowers.
There is nothing so wonderful as Parisian flower shops.
 And of course, a bottle or two or three of beautiful
French wine.
After an hour or two of food shopping along the Rue Cler,
you just have to find a nice café and enjoy a cup of espresso
or even grab a few zzzzzz's.

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