Small Urban Terraces

 Hasn't this been the most remarkable summer?
After such a long and difficult winter, this summer
has been a treat ... or at least in Toronto.
Plenty of rain and lots of sunshine has made our gardens
glorious.  And the temperatures are
perfect for sitting outside.

This is my back terrace in Toronto.
It is the perfect size for me with it's natural stone floor
and no grass.  My landscape gardener put in new bushes
and perennials in my raised garden which will fill out and
give a lovely garden backdrop.  The only gardening I have
done this year was to buy several pots of geraniums for color.
Easy peasy.
 I also added three hornbeam trees to soften the fence area.
These are lovely trees that are often used in Parisian
gardens as a green border.  They grown up but not out.
Perfect for small city gardens.
 I used this Pinterest picture as my inspiration.
I love boxwoods in small areas as they can be
trimmed to fit the design.  I prefer green gardens with
all their beautiful textures and various shades of green.
 City gardens are limited by size but not
by imagination.  You don't see grass very often in the
city but this little patch of green is lovely and small.
 Isn't this a beautiful dining area?
I love how the tree has been incorporated into the space.

I have a large old mulberry tree in my backyard which
is wonderful except for one month in the summer when tons
of mulberries fall on my outside dining area.  Trees are preserved in
Toronto so for the month of July,  I share my eating area
with all the birds and squirrels who come to feast on
the juicy mulberries.  It's like wild kingdom.
 Sometimes in the city, there are roof decks instead
of backyard terraces.  This is a wonderful roof deck
in Paris.  Be still my heart ...
 I always love when homeowners add a little personality to
their gardens and terraces.  I did this in my country home
and I still love this type of garden vignette.  I just don't
have the space in the city to do this.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

It has been a great month for selling my
ladies on Etsy.  As my inventory diminishes,
it gives me a chance to try some new ideas.

Here's another sofa pillow
that might be fun for a living room or bedroom.
I added a black boa as a decorative edge to
this art deco lady.
You can see her in my Etsy shop here.

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