City Living ... Small Space Solutions

I live in a large city .... Toronto.
Homes and apartments are very expensive in spite of their
smaller spaces.  All my friends are at the time of their lives
when they are downsizing and moving to smaller homes or condos.
Young people who are just starting out can't afford the price tag
of city apartments and are forced to choose smaller spaces.
Bigger doesn't mean better anyway,
but living smarter with less can be a challenge.
Here are some ideas to consider if you are an urban dweller.

Using a smaller open space to accommodate different usage can
be challenging.  Above is a great use of a storage platform bed
with a lathe wall possibly dividing a living space from a
sleeping area.  It still feels open but the living spaces
are clearly defined.

Bedrooms are always smaller in a city home or
even in a second or third bedroom.  Above is an idea
using a desk as a bedside table.  Notice
how the storage is well used in this bedroom?
There seems to be a much touted rule in small spaces...
get it off the floor and on the wall.  No space for bedside
tables?  Add a shelf above the headboard for your
lamps and pictures.  Easy and inexpensive.
A bench takes less space than a table with chairs
and has a multi-use in a kitchen or dining area. 
Another example in an office area of getting your
storage solutions off the floor and on the wall.
Storage takes a vertical stance.
Living in a studio or a loft?
Using your sofa at the bottom of the bed also
defines the space.  My son used this solution in his city
studio apartment and it was really cozy-looking.
Be sure to make your bed each morning.

A small space can look great.
Along with some ingenious ideas and no clutter,
your city living space gives you a lot more time to spend
your free time with friends in cafes and enjoying city life.
North America cities are feeling so Parisian.

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