Les Femmes de Paris Pillows

These are my "Les Femmes de Paris" hand painted pillows.
I designed this group of pillows a number of years ago
when I lived in Niagara On The Lake working out of my
old barn studio.  

I loved that old studio and taking pictures of "the girls" in
the backyard or in my garden.  This has been one of my most
favorite group of ladies ... possibly because they remind me of Paris.

On the back of the pillows, I wrote a line or two of a
favorite song about Paris and usually sang along with the words
as I hand wrote them on the pillow.

I have been busily bringing the ladies back in different aspects
whether as a sculptured pillow or one for a sofa or
even in their original 8"  X  8" design.
This is Isabella.
She just reminds me of an Isabella.
And this is the song quote on the back of Isabella's pillow.
"The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,
I heard the laughter in her heart in every street cafe."

Did you sing along:

This is Edith and she is based on the famous Parisian
chantreuse, Edith Piaf.
Everytime you saw a photo of Edith,
she had a cigarette.
So French... not a great habit but so French.
And one of my favorite Parisian songs is sung by Edith Piaf.
"La Vie en Rose"
"Give your heart and soul to me...
And life will always be La Vie En Rose."
It is possibly the most French song ever.
Last week, I showed you the Manon pillow for a sofa or bed.
I love painting this particular Parisian femme.
She has been a favorite of so many of my customers.

And this is Solange.
I just completed her recently into a sculptured pillow.
I really like her.
I may not sell her.

All Les Femmes de Paris pillows
can be seen in my Etsy Shop here.
Stop by and say "Bonjour."

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