Time To Take A Breather

 Hi Everyone.

I have mentioned that I was thinking about taking a little
break from blogging.  I am at an interesting time in my
life and I need to spend some time with myself and
assess what I want the next 10 years to look like.

The move to Toronto was great and my home is
very near completion now.  I need to get my
head around some new and exciting projects
and figure out what they might be.  I need to find some 
new experiences that are going to make my heart sing? 

I met with a great lady from my past this week
who was suggesting that I resume my business of
putting women on boards. I filled over 250 board positions when
I ran my executive search firm and gave women their
proper place in the governance role of major corporations.  
Going back to that position did appeal to me but
in the back of my heart I questioned whether
it was making a step backwards.  Then at lunch
the next day with a dear friend, she suggested that
it might be time to hand the business aspect of my
life back to the young women who it most adversely
affects.  We don't need to solve all the problems
of the world.  We made our contribution ...
now it was the turn of the next generation of women.

I've reached this third phase of my life,
and I need to figure out what I
want now.

For the past several days, I have been
writing madly hoping to see what might emerge from my
scribbles.  At this time of my life, finite time is
both frightening and exhilarating.  There is
no putting off of dreams anymore.  But, I
have to figure out who I am now and
what challenges will race my heart,
 other than too much salt.

 I need to get quiet within myself
and open up that door that says "Meg".
I want to re-explore the person I am and
consider my options and dreams for
this next important phase of my life.

What is really interesting about "coincidences" of life
is that once you put it out there, opportunities and
guides start to appear before your eyes. 
Yesterday was full of neat occurrences that 
mirrored some of my writings.   
That is when
I know I am doing the right thing.

I won't disappear ....
I will return.
Thank you dear readers.

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