Couture Style of Wallis Simpson

 Last week, I watched W.E., Madonna's first directorial
debut of the life and romance of Wallis Simpson and
 King Edward VIII.  She also co-wrote the screen play.

A fascinating tale to be sure but
the film was not particularly good.

The costumes and the sets, however,
were another story.
 Madonna's stylist, Arianne Phillips, stepped
out of her comfort zone of choosing clothes
for her famous star clientele and had to
research the stylings of Wallis Simpson
in order to authenticate the movie.
 The likeness of Andrea Riseborough
is so close to the original Wallis and
success was further accomplished through
the clothing and jewelry

"I knew Wallis was fashionable but I didn't realize
the kind of scope of what a devoted couture client
she was."  quoted Ms. Phillips.  She worked with Tiffany,
Cartier, Chanel and other famous designers in
order to authenticate her designs.
 Gorgeous cinematography.
 In Madonna's interpretation of the famous affair,
she insinuates that although the Duke gave up the throne
in order to be with the woman he so loved,
 Wallis hadn't wanted him to do so and that
she too gave up her freedom to be married to him.
What started out as infatuation,
ended up as compulsive love
from his part and caught in the
web of deceit from her part.
"Be careful what you dream for,
you might get it."

Arianne Phillips received a nomination
last year for an Academy Award for
costume design.  

To me, the sets and costuming were
 worth the price of the movie.

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