A Random Act of Kindness??

 This morning as I sat in my studio overlooking the street, I
saw a young man walking by drinking a beer at 10 a.m.  I 
was thinking to myself, 
"That's rather early to be drinking a beer"
when I noticed he placed his empty can on top of my new fence
and walked away.

"Hey, hey, you"  I yelled to myself as I ran downstairs
to catch him.  When I got to the door, I noticed
him walking back to the fence and placing a single
rose next to the can.  He had gotten that rose from the
huge hedge of the church next door.  

When I noticed that gesture, it stopped me
 in my tracks.  There were no
trash cans near by and he obviously felt some
remorse in littering.  And was it all that
serious in the scheme of things?

Pretty soon, the little Chinese ladies who
comb our neighborhood for recyclables were walking up the 
street with their carts gathering wine bottles and
cans.  The beer can didn't stay there long.

We all benefited in a way.  He found a place for his beer can;
the Chinese lady will get some money for the deposit; 
and I got a pretty rose and a great lesson.
I would not have taken this picture had I not come out
to snap a photo of the can and the rose.
Now you can see my front yard completed with the black stained
lattice fence and with all the rain, some new
growth in the just planted shrubs.

This little incident just reminded me to take
a deep breathe and let the little "things" go.
A good Monday I'd say.

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