Don't Forget The Homeless

Lee Jeffries started out as a sports photographer and one day he met a homeless woman who changed his life 
and view of the world.   Now he takes black and white photographs of a part of our society that is so often
forgotten and overlooked ... the homeless.
His photos are of both men and women but I have 
included just some of the faces of homeless women.  
It is a very difficult plight for any person but a homeless woman has an even more treacherous life on the street.
The photographs are incredibly moving and shows us the reality that even during this most merry of holidays, 
times are not so happy for many people in our society.
How often this month have we passed a Salvation Army person ringing their bell to encourage passersby to share something with people who need our help ... especially, 
these difficult economic times.  Being grateful for all 
that we have in our lives is one way to celebrate 
this holiday but also to remember and share with 
those in need is an even more 
important way to show our gratitude.  

Have a merry and a most grateful Christmas.

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