All I Want For Christmas Is ......

... a new dining table to put into my new 
urban country kitchen.

  There's something about a dining table that just 
pulls me into a photo when I see it in a magazine 
or on a blog.  I want to sit there.  I don't care if there's 
one other person, 10 people or just me.  
Does a table represent the food, or the place 
where we spend time with friends or family?   Or where we did our homework in the kitchen?
What other happy memories happen around a table?  
My dream is for a long table.  Lots of elbow room.  
More space to put big bowls of food.  
Or, if I am working on a project, there would be plenty of table space to spread out my work 
now that I don't have my old studio anymore.  
I've never had a new table.  My tables have all been passed down from either my Mother or my Grandmother and I still have those tables and will find a new place 
in my home for them. 

One table is an old glass and wrought iron garden table 
which will find a place on my back patio in the Spring 
and the other is an oval table that folds 
down into a lovely sofa table.
Four of my chairs are similar to the ones above but I want 
to mix in some other different chairs to provide a little 
more interest.  I have my eye on a couple of French 
chairs that would be fun additions to my new table.
I found this table at Restoration Hardware.  The style feels very airy and there seems to be lots of room for long legs.  
The trestles are based on old sewing machine legs which is a nice detail but, the best part is the zinc table top which is "oh so French."  The  table is just a little reminder of the beautiful old zinc bars in Paris.  It would  be a wonderful place to have my café au lait and croissant in the morning or at night, I could imagine myself sitting in a little bistro 
in the 7eme arrondissement. 

All I want for Christmas is this zinc table!

Photos in order:  Tim Young Interiors; el Mueble (3);
Dreamhouse; Restoration Hardware

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