A Colorful Walk In My Neighborhood

I live in a colorful neighborhood.  I didn't realize how 
bright and cheerful it was until I took my photography 
course which taught me how to slow down and 
look for subjects I might have madly passed by.  

This lovely little lilac home immediately caught my eye 
as the front yard was decorated for Christmas.  Small white lights followed the branches in the tree and I just love the large colorful bulbs hanging and blowing in the breeze.
Because our weather has been warmer than usual, 
Christmas decorations reside next to plants still 
enjoying the Fall colors.  The pinks and greens 
are so lovely together.
Every time I walk downtown, I pass this beautiful 
woman sculpture, only on this walk, I stopped to 
appreciate her with my camera.
And what's not to like about this glitzy Michael Kors' 
purse in his new store along Bloor Street.
And as I wound my way back home, I was captured 
by the setting sun having it's way reflecting off the 
buildings along the street.

It pays to slow down.  You might realize what a 
colorful neighborhood you live in.

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