Do you love shoes?  What woman doesn't love shoes and in Toronto, we have a special place to go that feeds into that shoe addiction that we all seem to enjoy. 
 The Bata Shoe Museum is a couple of blocks away from my home but I had never visited this Toronto landmark.

Luckily, it took a good friend to visit to force me to see this wonderful attraction in my own city. For the past couple of months, the shoes of the Roaring Twenties have been featured and because it's one of my favorite eras, I finally decided it was time to visit this fun museum.
This was the marketing poster the Bata Shoe Museum 
used to attract shoe addicts like myself to this show.
And here are the Roaring Twenties shoes 
that inspired that poster.
Love these!   They look so "today" don't they?
And for an evening on the Red Carpet, 
how about these sparkling evening shoes?
Another favorite pair of shoes.  Gold and red ... 
what a fashion statement!  
They would be a hit today.
I'm not sure about these but maybe with a pair of harem pants, they might be fun to wear when entertaining at home.  What do you think?
I just love the Twenties.  The fashions, the hair styles, the shoes and the parties... Wouldn't it be fun to time travel back to this exciting era for a night or two?

If you are in Toronto and you have an hour or two to kill, visit The Bata Shoe Museum and feed that shoe addiction of yours.  

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