On the weekend, one of my dearest friends came to visit and spent the day with me in my new home.  It had been a couple of months since we've seen each other and we had lots to catch up on in our lives.  But I noticed that she had a very interesting package in her tote.  Wine had to be poured first and we had to settle into the couch 
before I was allowed to open the gift.

I didn't know who or what he was when I first saw him but my friend said that for my birthday, she had found me the perfect man.    She found him in an antique shop and thought he might have some qualities that I would love in this man.
On his hand, was a little sticker that said "push me."  
So I did and below are the sweet nothins' this handsome hulk said to me.

"You're perfect just the way you are.  I wouldn't change anything about you."

"This rose is for you."

"Darling, take just as long as you want to get ready.  I don't mind waiting one bit."

"How about a big kiss?"

"I don't need sports to make me feel complete .... 
just you by my side."

"This evening, let's just lie in bed and talk all night."

"Thinking of you is the best part of my whole day."

He says the right things ... if only he could also wait on me too.  But that might be too perfect.
We laughed all night at this funny gift.  And it became even more hilarious after a couple glasses of wine.

Now, we felt that he needed a name.  Would I call him a French name like Jean Paul or Jacques? You know I love everything Parisian.   Or with that big broad smile, does he look like a Tyrone?  He also reminds me of Lyle Waggoner who was on The Carol Burnett Show if some of you beautiful older women remember that program.

So I ask you,  my fun and creative readers .... 
what name would you give this dapper fellow???  

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