I was a female Tom Sawyer two days ago.  I decided to stain my wood fence a dark charcoal. It was a beautiful Spring day and it just seemed like a perfect time to work on my backyard.

Luckily, my good friend Deborah came over to give me a hand and some moral support.  We each had our trusty small rollers, a paint tray and a foam paint brush to attack the fence.  I thought it would be a piece of cake.  It wasn't.  But, our reward was to sit and enjoy a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio.  Friends do make a chore a whole lot more fun, 
don't you think?

Above is the picture of the final result.  Love the dark color on the fence.  It makes the colors in the trees, plants 
and flowers just pop. 
This is what the backyard looked like with the raw wood fence.  I like it but I do love the charcoal stained fence a lot better.  The wood was different colors of browns and greys 
and that didn't appeal to me.
The fence along the side of the house is painted wood so the transparent stain will not cover it ... 
so that's another day of painting.  
It never seems to end.
I haven't started to put the flowers and bushes into the planter as yet.  I am waiting to see what will appear in the garden that was planted by my home's previous owner.  I would love to grow plants with lots of texture and great color for different times of the year so that I can enjoy 
my little garden of Eden anytime.

I hate planting pots so I treat myself to pre-planted flower arrangements that I can just drop into the clay pots.  It's a little more expensive but so much easier and if one of the pots starts to look wimpy, I can just replace it with another 
pre-planted arrangement.
Along the fence between my home and the church is a row of cherry trees that have just burst into beautiful blooms.  I love being next to this lovely church.  While I was painting, the orchestra was practicing for a big concert this weekend.  
To be outside and listening to gorgeous classical music 
is such a new treat for me.  

Oh, I'm so happy I made this move!

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