When I visit Paris, the one thing that is always on my "to do" list is to
walk by the Prada stores and sneak pictures of their mannequins.
There's always a couple of guards by the door and I'm not sure they are wild
about people taking pictures of their windows. So to do this effectively,
I go early on Sunday mornings or as I did it on this trip,
later at night when the store was closed.

The Prada mannequins are beautiful. The Chanel mannequins
look fluffy to me, and the other designers mannequins
are nondescript. Maybe those designers feel that the clothes
should be the main focus. If you look at the Prada mannequins
for each season, you will see the style is similar to the actual live models
on the runway. Now, I think that is good marketing.
The Prada "ladies" are quite intense. Actually, they almost look real.
Love the lipstick color.
The poses are life-like and show off the clothes so well.
Taking the pictures at night cast interesting shadows on the faces.
And the reflections are quite interesting as well. What a great time I had.
All of these Prada photos were taken on the Rue du Montaigne
in the 8th arrondissement.
This is last Spring's Prada window. During the day, the models seem softer
but the reflection of the building in the back makes for an interesting shot.
This photo was taken at Prada's 6th arrondissement store.

All photos taken by Meg Mitchell.

Enjoy the Youtube Mannequin Showroom Dummies.
Fun, beautiful and at times, just a little bit creepy.

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