Christmas Along St. Germain

Christmas is coming to Paris along the rue St. Germain and
one of my absolute favorite places to stop and watch the rest of the world
go by is Les Deux Magots.
The winter months are great for getting into the very popular
places in Paris. It's wonderful. Not many people here.
Look at all those highly desirable front row seats!
There's also no horrible "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
blaring out all over the streets. It's civilized and tasteful.
This is the best place to celebrate the season.

This is one of the lovely rooms in the Ralph Lauren Mansion. One gentleman
is quietly reading while his wife tries on the beautiful clothing.
So few people shopping. I just love the TV with the beautiful wooden frame
around it. It sits on an old wooden easel. I want to try that in my next home.
The lovely mannequin is sitting on a bench overlooking the courtyard at the
Ralph Lauren mansion. The court yard is the outside terrace that serves
their famous beef hamburgers American style in the summer.
We had a late lunch at Le Petit Zinc just down the street from Les Deux Magots.
It's an absolutely beautiful art deco restaurant with lovely mosaics and iron work
throughout the space. They specialize in fresh seafood and yummy desserts.
A pretty art deco tiled lady looked over our table raising her glass in our honor.
On the other wall hung this other beautiful painting. Art like these hung beautifully
throughout the restaurant.

I am finding I am taking less pictures this trip because it is so nice to sit with a
good friend and just talk the afternoon away. And, a few hours talking over lunch
takes away from the diminishing sunlight that is close to dark at 5 pm.
A good friend is more important than a picture any day.

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