All of us love to visit our closest major department store at Christmas just to see
their seasonal windows. This was my first time to see the windows in Paris
and I was thrilled with their classy approach.

Only in Paris would a major department store like Printemps
have a famous fashion designer, Alber Elbez of Lanvin,
create his memory of Christmas. Monsieur Elbez has had a very
busy year with his latest project as the wildly success design
partnership with H&M.
It's fairly early in Paris and already there are crowds of people walking
past the windows of Printemps. I love the Christmas "icicles" hanging down
from the department store's overhang. Golds and pinks make such lovely
Christmas colors as opposed to reds and greens,
don't you think or are you a traditionalist?
Monsieur Elbaz based his beautiful windows on the chateau where
he once lived and the fantasy world that he had imagined
existed many years ago. The beautiful chandeliers hung in every window
and reflected sparkly lights over the venue. The silver and the china
and the lush fabrics gave the window such richness.
The beautiful rich velvets and satins in glorious colors
were a lush backdrop for a Lanvin dress.
Don't you love the pack of black French pooches
in their brocade and fur ball coats?
This would have been a popular window for many of the Parisian families.
My favorite part of the windows were the large pictures of the people
in the background.
I stayed at the Hotel Le Walt in Paris one night that had large paintings
of people from this era as the headboard of their beds.
I've always thought this would be a brilliant touch in a bedroom
and obviously make quite a statement ....
"Someone to watch over me."
Look at the beautiful gold and black glassware on this table with the gorgeous
green chair to the side. And of course, the photograph in the back of this
vignette is filled with soft pink flowers. There's even a little peek at a
typical Parisian building reflected in those most lovely windows.

Oh to be a fly on the wall of Alber Elbez's creative mind.
What a lush and beautiful sight that would be, n'est-ce pas?

All photos taken by Meg Mitchell.

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