This time in two months, I will be on the Air Canada direct flight to Paris for my annual trek to celebrate my birthday. This year is really special because my son Jeb is coming with me for a week. He has become a real Francophile as well ... it runs in the family.

One of the things I do each year is to go stand under the Eiffel Tower and just look up at the Grand Lady. It is like a tower made of lace ... absolutely beautiful. It's a challenge to see if I can find a new angle of the Tower so that all my pictures are just a bit different.
This is a watercolor of one of my favorite walks, Rue St Dominique, which is a lovely shopping street in the 7th arrondissement. I love the 7th because I know all the great shopping areas for food, laundry and the markets. When I walk home down this street, it is always a thrill to see the Eiffel Tower right in front of me. This area is more residential and is the home of the American Library where I drop in to read magazines and check out books. The Obamas had lunch at one of great cafes on St Dominique when they were in Paris a year ago.
I can't wait to see the Metro Signs ... oh so Paris.
I even use the Metro Sign in my "French Kiss" hand painted pillow of Angelique. SOLD
And I can't wait to have my breakfast at the Grand Corona each morning. It overlooks the activity of a busy street that runs next to the Seine. I sit for at least an hour here every morning and write in my journal or just ....... sit.
The best thing about the Grand Corona is their cafe au lait. The hot milk comes in a silver pitcher and it's creamy whole milk. Real butter and jam on your croissant or toasted bread and a glass of fresh grapefruit juice makes up my breakfast each morning. The butter is absolutely yummy. I find that in Paris, the food is richer but it's real and because it tastes so goooooood, you feel so much more satisfied with smaller amounts of food. What a concept!
And this year, I found an apartment, where I can see the Eiffel Tower from my window. At night, I certainly plan to have a glass of champagne and watch the Eiffel Tower light show. It's like Christmas Eve every night of the year.

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