I have been very busy the last couple of months painting custom orders for clients. For the most part, they are a lot of fun especially if you have a great customer with a fun sense of humor. The buyer finds a Priscilla Mae lady that best represents a friend or herself and we customize the image by color of hair and eyes as well as the style and color of the clothing.

I recently completed a large order for a wedding party of 17 women. The bride wanted to have totes that represented her friends and family with their names on the back and a quote that was significant for that special day.

This is the Mother of the bride. She is based on the Priscilla Mae lady named Edith. I love this lady and if her Mom is like this, she would be fun to know.
Celeste is this Priscilla Mae lady and I customized her to fit two different bridesmaids. One bridesmaid loves peacock feathers and it only seemed fitting to paint a feather in her hat.
Here are two of the same lady whom I call Meredith. She was painted to fit two different friends. The client picked favorite colors for each of their clothes and I was lucky to find some pretty amazing vintage earrings to match. Around their neck I added a rhinestone necklace.
And here is Meredith again but with light brown hair. Check out the earring for this lady. Pictures of the wedding party with the totes will be coming. Can't wait to see how the totes match up with their "twin."

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