I've been feeling a little empty lately ... in real need of inspiration. Any of you who are familiar with Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" know that she says that all artisans should get out of their studio at least an hour a week for an inspirational field trip. I am a big believer in the Artist Way and although I haven't done my Morning Pages in over a year, I do try to get out once a week to just meander through stores, Goodwill, library or a walk through my little town. And sometimes, I just thumb through my stacks of old magazines and books.

Today I went through all my magazines and photographs while watching "chick flicks" on TV. It was pure heaven and I found some lovely photographs of vintage Vogue Covers that I think are more beautiful than any of the covers on Vogue today. Isn't this illustration wonderful? I noticed that I was drawn to the color orange today. It's a great color for any woman. And it's smashing with patina.
And I found this picture that I had taken when I was in Toronto last week of the new Hermes purses. Love the orange bag. I would never be able to carry it too far but the color is yummy. I am going to look for an orange purse ... it won't be a Hermes.
I'd even take the mustard colored purse in a pinch. I'm mad about mustard too.
See ... I painted the background of this Coco pillow in mustard and added a little animal print in her beret. Isn't mustard a great color as well? I have difficulty selling some of my pillows that have mustard as a background. Is it too bright? I love how orange and mustard make other colors and images just POP!!!
Isn't she wonderful? What a gorgeous older woman. Is it the gloves? Or is it the contentment and confidence in her face? Wouldn't it be lovely if fashion magazines would feature fashion illustrations on their covers again instead of the plastic faces of Hollywood's latest muse? The colors of the illustrations are so lovely and so much more inspiring than the covers today. All the magazines look alike these days whether it is fashion, home decor or even general interest. Sad ... we need more art...

Okay. Enough ranting. Back to my magazines for a dose of artful inspiration.

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