I have been in the strangest place this past week. I am not feeling like doing much ... just sitting in my studio painting larger pillows of some of the earlier "girls" that I haven't spent much time with lately. I don't have to think a lot about Angelique for example because I've painted her so many times before, changing little details here and there.

But Angelique is like an old friend. I can count on her to go the direction my paint brush takes her unlike my Coco Chanel lady. Coco has a mind of her own and those paintings are always very, very different. Sometimes I love her; sometimes she ends up in my waste basket. Not a great place for Madame Chanel.

I needed to do the Angelique pillows this week. When I paint in my studio, I listen to older movies because I can't watch them and paint. It's like someone is reading a story to me. This week, Angelique and I enjoyed listening to "Under the Tuscan Sun" several times. Maybe the dream of escaping someplace interesting and new is accounting for my restlessness. Hmmmmm.
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