This is one of the very first women I painted and made over 8 years ago. When I first started Priscilla Mae, I thought it would be fun to have big women sitting on my bed or chair. The first woman I made I called Veronica because she reminded me of Veronica Lake. It was the hair. I wanted to make the heads large enough to fit a funky little hat on the lady and then add fun jewels. I made a lot of mistakes with this first "head" but I learned a lot from her. I wasn't sure if a larger head of a woman as a pillow would be a good idea or not. When I did my first show with a few of the larger heads of my women, it scared the men to death. The women were rather intrigued but I put the idea on the back burner and made my square pillows. I still love the concept and I having been playing around with the idea of redesigning my "plus sized models" again and reintroducing them to my customers. I want to try something new again.
I designed smaller shaped pillows last year and I really these ladies. They are about 4" high and sit in a little stand on your desk or side table. The ladies become real when they are shaped and I sold most of the little pillows I made.

What do you think about a larger shaped pillow? Is it scary or is it fun?

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