Veronique Book Cover..Dressed To Kill

 Veronique has arrived on my coffee table.

I am having such fun painting the covers of old favorite books
of mine.  It is like painting a little canvas that can sit on your tables
or in your bookcase.

This cover is on the popular book called
"The Sweet Life Of Paris" which was written by
pastry chef and famous Paris blogger,
David Lebovitz.

The background of the hand painted book cover
is a soft French pink with a scene of a Paris café.
 Because Veronique is more of a 
Parisian fashionista and not
a foodie like Monsieur Lebovitz,
the quote on the back of the book is a
handprinted and says....
"I dress to kill....
I cook the same way."

I have friends like this....
 The book is in excellent shape and is
filled with wonderful French recipes that are
actually very doable.  David also talks about
his move to Paris and his adapting to a sweet
life in the City of Lights.  It's a fun read if you have
ever dreamed of making that kind of a move.
Here are the two most recent paintings together
on my coffee table.  It's fun to have little surprises
of art in unusual places.....

See my book paintings here
in my Etsy Shop.

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