Hand Painted Paris Book Covers

These hand painted book covers are a new
product for Priscilla Mae et al.

The idea came to me as I was reorganizing my bookcase
and saw books that were like new that I have loved but
wanted to add a new dimension to them.  Why not paint
an appropriate lady or scene on the cover and have 
another little piece of art on the coffee table?

This pretty Paris lady in a French street scene is on
the cover of a well-known book called "French Women
For All Seasons" by Mireille Guiliano, the author who wrote 
"French Women Don't Get Fat."  This book has lots of Parisian
women secrets and delicious French recipes that are
quite doable.
 On the back is my Parisian lady walking away with
a hand printed quote, "J'aime Paris".
 Anais is painted on the book "On Women Turning 60".
This book is a collection of stories of women and their
experiences and thoughts upon turning the big 60.

On the back of the book is Anais in her plaid suit walking
away with the quote... "Youth is a gift, Age is an art."

 And Manon is hand painted on a favorite book...
a French-English dictionary.  How appropriate.

This smaller hardback book would be a
wonderful gift for a friend who wants to learn French
before their next trip to Paris.

On the back of the book is Manon walking
away with the hand printed word  "Bonjour".....
And finally...Angelique with her two pink rhinestones
and rhinestone necklace is on the book...
"The Quotable Woman."  This book has a wonderful
collection of thoughts of famous women.  The quotes
cover lots of subjects and a great resource for writing.

On the back of this hand painted book is a line from
the infamous Helen Reddy song....
So appropriate these days.

All these Book Ladies can be seen in 
my Etsy Shop here.

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