New Lady Pillows Ready For Christmas

 The big season is just around the corner so I have been
painting away to put new lady pillows up in my Etsy shop.
Have been enjoying some nice sales recently as clients look
for something fun for their girlfriend Christmas presents.

Each pillow is hand painted and a one-of-a-kind gift
and some of the smaller pillows might make fun
stocking stuffers.

This is the new group of sculptured small pillows
that look fun sitting on a desk or bureau.
Who says art has to hang on a wall????

Stop by and say hello to the "girls."
 This is a new lady at Priscilla Mae...
Her name is Gigi and is a lovely mysterious femme.

I love her quote on the back of the pillow...
I got heels higher than your standards."

See Gigi here.
And of course, dear sweet Manon.
She flies out of my shop within days of being put in my shop.
Manon has always been one of my favorite ladies.

Her quote is a nice Paris thought...
"Some may dream in color...
I dream in Paris."

See Manon here.

I was devastated to hear about the events
that occurred in Paris last Friday.  
I have walked those streets where the horrible violence
occurred and watching TV just didn't seem real to me.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people
in Paris and France.  They are a resilient people
and shortly, we will see Paris rise again.

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