I Feel Like Santa's Elf.....

 I am working my little painterly fingers to the bone these days
and I don't mind.  With the Christmas holidays just around the corner,
the orders are up, especially for the ever popular 5"  X  5" pillows
and stands.  Seems they are popular for those girlfriend gifts or
even hostess gifts.  I don't mind ... they are fun to make.
But I have another reason I am putting longer hours in this week...
This is sweet Anais.  See her here.

I leave next week for a short trip to Copenhagen
with my beautiful son.  We haven't had a family trip in years 
and I am so looking forward to spending quality time with my
grown son while having fun exploring a city that is new to both
of us ... Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a beautiful smaller city that is a centre for
great food and craft beer.  What I am excited about is the
city's reputation of being a excellent design center for all things
fashion and home decor.
 Manon is a padded hand painted art hanging 
that  can decorate a door knob, or a bureau drawer
or even on a Christmas tree.  On the reverse of the
6"  X  3 3/4" art piece is a picture of Manon
from the back and a little French quote.
See her here.
 Veronica is always popular and was only up in the
shop for a short time before she was sent to a lovely
client in the U.S.  Now I am painting a pretty African 
American woman in Veronica's image as a custom
order for another client.
And last but not least, dear sweet Angelique is
also a hanging art piece.  I love the pretty soft pink ribbon
with white polka dots which picks up the pink in her shirt.
See Angelique here.

Keep checking back at my Etsy Shop to
see the new products.  I am down to two sofa
pillows but will be making more in the new year.

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