First Day Of Fall In My Neighborhood

The first day of Fall.
 What an absolutely gorgeous day!!
Not a day to stay indoors....
So off I went to walk the streets in my
neighborhood in the South Annex in Toronto.

My favorite hangout is Chabichou....
it's a little spot with wonderful coffee and
typical French café food.  The owner is
French French as opposed to Québecois and I love
hearing French spoken whenever I'm there.
It makes me think I have just stumbled back
into Paris.
 I decided, as I seem to do every day, that a
little French treat would be a lovely way to celebrate
the first day of Fall.  So, I ordered a latté and a
créme brulée that seem to have a dash of maple syrup
that made it oh so tasty and Canadian to boot.

I still write in a journal most days and I
love to carry it with me in case I find a wonderful
place where I can just sit and think and
be inspired to write. 
 I even tried taking a selfie today.
I am no Kardashian.....
I think the idea is to close your mouth and
not shoot the camera up your nose.
And because I am from the old school,
taking pictures of yourself seems so egocentric.
But, I keep trying new things.
The one thing about writing a journal is that it gives
you an opportunity to dream and think about what you might
like your upcoming life to look like.

Many of my friends are downsizing and moving into
condos but I am not sure I am a condo kind of gal.
On my walk today, I found this wee cute little cottage,
that with a little renovation would be a fun place to live.
It would definitely take me to another level of
downsizing but I could do it.  

I would lighten up the outside of the house,
which would make it look larger... but check out that
nice front porch.... I would love to sit there and
watch the world walk by.  And the inside as most of you
know would all be white with bead board in the bathroom.
It probably has a cute little back terrace too.
I might even get a little dog that doesn't bark.
I told you this was a fantasy, didn't I?
 This is another one of my favorite homes in the Annex.
It's small as well but not as teeny as the previous find.
The flaking white paint on the brick reminds me of
homes in Maryland and Virginia where I grew up.
I just love that look....
And the paint on the windows and door is a 
beautiful deep periwinkle.
 And speaking of periwinkle, here's a cute
cottage in the process of being renovated.
I like this house as well.
 On Wednesdays in my neighborhood,
the Farmer's Market is open featuring 
organic produce and delicious food.

This is my Pie Man.
He's from Niagara and each week he brings beautiful
fruit from the area but he also treats the neighborhood
customers with the most delicious homemade fruit pies.
Some Wednesdays, I just get a smallish cherry pie
and that is all I will eat for dinner.....
a whole cherry pie.
Not every Wednesday .... 
just  a few Wednesdays...
 The veggies at this time of the year are so gorgeous.
And so is the fruit.

So where do you walk in your neighborhood?

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