Boutique A La Capucine

 Right next to our lovely hotel in Quebec City
was a cute petite shop.  I had just walked out of
our hotel and there it was.  The beautiful old
Québec pine chair drew me into this
little treasure trove. And inside was Yves Bourget,
the propriétaire, having a most delicious looking lunch.
 The windows were chock a block filled with hand
carved treasures of Québec artisans.  Intersperced
among the art were lovely old antiques very small
in size so that they could fit into this little space.
 Because Québec is a predominately Catholic population,
it was only fitting to see the hand carved "sisters."
 And of course right close by were the lovely
ladies dancing to the latest hits.
 Québec is predominately a rural province in Canada
with two major cities ... Montréal and Québec City.
It is such a beautiful and tranquil province and like
their French counterpart in Europe, agriculture 
is a primary industry.  Some of the best cheeses in
Canada come from Québec.  Fois gras is also a
big industry as this carving shows.

When you think of the arts, you have to think of Québec.
Cinema, visual arts, dance, and the one export
everyone is familiar with....
Cirque du Soleil.
In English Canada, we all say...
"what would we do without Québec?"
 The winters are long and very cold in this
most lovely Canadian province.
There would be lots of time to sit down
with a knife and a piece of wood and
create wonderful treasures to sell.

Obviously, some carvers like to sell
their creations through Boutique A La Capucine
and it's propriétaire, Yves Bourget.

91, rue St-Pierre
Québec City, QC

 Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

Coming home from Québec City from all
the beautiful art inspired me to dust off the
cobwebs in my studio and get back to work.

Decided it might be fun to make some more
sofa pillows and decided to start with a new
Manon pillow in French blues, purples and
greens.  Manon should be up in my Etsy shop
sometime next week.
Check here to say "bonjour."

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