Traveling Solo To Paris

I will soon be leaving on my first solo trip to
Paris in over 5 years.  I have traveled on my own
to Paris on a number of occasions but during a month's
stay, I have always had someone drop in for a week
in the middle to see this beautiful city with me.
Not so this time.
I am completely on my own.

There are moments before I fall asleep at night
that I feel that rush of uncertainty and I am not
so sure about this decision I made three months ago.
But, then I remember the other times I have traveled
on my own and some of my fondest and most
memorable times were on my own when
I met interesting people or was a part of an 
event that was happening in Paris at that time.
I was just more aware of my surroundings and
much more open to the people and experiences
around me.  

What are some of the benefits of traveling solo?

1)  You can change your plans on a whim.  
If you don't feel like a museum, you don't have to go.
"What do I feel like doing today?" is what you
may ask yourself each morning over your
latte and croissant.

2)  Traveling solo instills an incredible 
self confidence.  
Eating dinner on your own is a
whole lot better than being a part of that couple
who say so little to each other over their meal.
Eating alone is the time I meet most people.

3)  Being on your own makes it easier to meet the
local people and forces you to 
speak the language.  
Since I am not hearing English spoken
to me by my travel partner, I am more 
tuned into French.

4)  You plan your own schedule and 
do just what you want.  
Like maybe, I will take a yoga class each morning
before I head out.  Or I might spend part of the day at
The American Library reading all their fab magazines.
No compromise is necessary.

5)  Being on your own is easier to get a ticket 
for a tour or a seat at the ballet or if a restaurant 
is filled, you can usually find one seat left at the bar. 

6)  Catching up on your reading is another benefit.
I love to spend a sunny day in the Luxembourg Gardens
on one of their comfy chairs with a bottle of wine for one
and some Parisian treats and a great book.
Nothing makes me feel more like I am on a holiday.
And then at night, since I won't watch French TV,
I can curl up and continue to read the book 
I didn't finish.

7)  It's generally cheaper to travel on your own.
When you travel with friends, you usually end 
up spending more ... especially with drinks.

So, I am okay about all this.
Thanks to who first
listed this great list of benefits of traveling solo.

If you are there on your own,
I will see you at the café.

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