Stone Angels Of Paris
Anyone who has spent time in Paris
knows that beautiful statues are everywhere.
They are rarely religious as they are in Rome.
The Parisian women of stone are
magnificent beauties.

Every park in Paris is filled with wonderful statues
as are all the cemeteries.  There are lovely stone women
on most of their buildings in the central core of the city.
 Notice the veils on these marble women.
It's so hard to believe that the fine texture of
the cloth veils can be replicated in stone.
 Of course, the churches and the art galleries with
their painted ladies are exquisite. 
I think what I love most about the stone
angels are their serene expressions.
It would be a miracle to be 
that calm and peaceful....
 This lovely lady can be found in the
Musee d"Orsay.  She is called
Le Souvenir.
I am going to look for her when I go
to Paris next month.
She is so beautiful.
This is my happy lady.
I see her every morning as I walk to my
favorite café for breakfast by the Pont Alma.
She sits over a beautiful door and smiles
down at everyone who passes along the street.
You don't see many happy faces on statues.
I think that is why I like her so much.
Her joyful face is a wonderful start to a day.

This is Solange, a hand painted shaped pillow,
who lives in Paris.  She spends most of her time
on the Left Bank and especially enjoys the
beautiful works of stone at the Rodin Museum.

On a sunny warm day, you could find Solange
sitting on a bench in the back garden of the Rodin.
Many people don't realize that a beautiful garden
is hidden behind the Museum and it is filled
with gorgeous Rodin statues.
A must see.

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